User resize the image

Is it possible for a user to adjust the size of the photo they have taken? Using a slider, can the user zoom in our zoom out the image? Could this be done with a canvas instead of an image?



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Good question. This quick demo makes for a disappointing user experience but it’s possible to do what you’re asking. Edit I was able to make it look a bit better by adjusting the slider values and height/width multiplier. I’m using an image that’s not perfectly square so it’s going to be a little distorted but that could easily be fixed with a little math.

The demo was made with the new drag-and-drop interface. I tried to do this in the legacy version of Thunkable using the Image component’s height and width properties but changing those values doesn’t seem to affect the displayed image size.

I actually don’t know how to change the image of the sprite during runtime. And based on the forum posts I just read, it’s not possible. I submitted a feature request at Change sprite's image using blocks · Issue #807 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub.