Image crop using camera

Hello Thunkable community,
I’ve recently came across this amazing block building application platform & it has been very helpful for me & my business to create custom applications now i want to create application in which i want following option.

Step 1 - capture image via phones camera post that a editing window should pop up where i can crop or rotate image & after that i can give a custom name to file to get it saved in my local storage

here i’m seeking help form you guys as i’m not able to find any extension which can do the above mentioned process if anyone among you has solution to this please help me out

You can do all of that with the Cloudinary API. This is probably intermediate/advanced use of Thunkable, just FYI. But it’s certainly possible to give the user a rotate button or two and a crop button of some sort. The cropping probably won’t be to your liking… I don’t think you can give the user a selection rectangle but heck, people here are pretty creative! Maybe you can.

Expect to do a lot of trial and error to get this right.

Start here:

FYI - Thunkable X doesn’t use extensions so you’ll be doing the coding yourself using blocks unless there’s already a component that does what you need (there isn’t).

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