When navigating to a screen, nothing appears

When I navigate to one of my screens while previewing, it flashes the content for a second and turns white. It is likely it has something to do with my API, objects, or functions. This occurs both when previewing my app on my laptop, or testing it on my phone. I’m not sure what to do.

You have a problem with performing an operation on a nonexistent object. Simply put, you get the object wrong somehow.

Thank you for your answer, how can you tell?

I’ve also found that my properties were the wrong way around, and after fixing it, the white screen is still displayed. If I set my url and json response to a variable, the white screen doesn’t appear but nothing still loads.

If the data does not appear, then you need to check

  1. does the data Exist
  2. is this data correct
  3. Is this data accessed correctly

Do you make a request in the web and think that the data must be sent to your application and it must be correct in the “response” block? This is an erroneous assumption. You always need to check the data and always do an error check, and you don’t do it and ask why there is no data? That’s what you need to find out.