WhatsApp open specific group chat in web viewer not app

Hi there,
As part of a little app I need a web viewer to open to a specific group chat in WhatsApp.
I have tried various methods setting web viewer url using
“Wai me” and https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=Number

With chat ID copied from chat invite link from WhatsApp
Also just pasting in the copied chat invite link.
all just redirect to open the app on phone or display white screen or error on web viewer.
Any help would be much appreciated :pray:t4:

You cannot open Whatsapp in the webviewer because they prevent that. There also is no mobile version of the web client from Whatsapp - only desktop. And even if you managed to get the desktop version running it does not make sense because people would still have to start the app to connect to the web version. Therefor I recommend just deal with what they offer :wink:

Tudor the advice Chris.

Thanks for the advice Chris

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