In Webview, share button not working What I do?

I created a webview, but in this webview, it has a sharing button, and it is not working, does anyone know how to solve it?

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Please show your block. Sharing button - what is it?

so I made a webview of my site, and in this my site, when entering some post, you have the share button in whatsapp, telegram … just that these buttons are not working in webview, any solution to this?

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Try to open your site not in the Web Viewer but in external browser. To do this, assign a link to the site to the “open link” block. Does it work in an external browser?

I tested here the site in the chrome browser on the cell phone, and the share post buttons works normal, now, in the webview is not working, could you show me through block what I could do to solve this problem?

Try to look at the possibilities of whatsapp api to solve your problem and add the desired function to your site. Do you need to send a message to a specific number? Do you need to work with whatsapp exactly from the site or is it suitable for sending messages from the application?

the sharing buttons on my site are with these links, how can I open them externally in webview? Thank you in advance for your attention and if you can introduce me to the blocks for this solution, I would be very grateful.

I’ll try to see the solution.

thank you so much for your attention

I understand correctly that when you click on the “Share” button in the chrome browser a new window opens?

Try to set the Web Viewer URL to a text block reference:

Does this link open in your Web Viewer?

yes, a new window opens, if I click on share in whatsapp, it will open the whatsapp application, if I click share on the telegram, it will do the same and so with others

Does this link open in your Web Viewer?

which block should I use to do this? Sorry, I have not mired with thunkbable in a while.

Block Web Viewer.URL


My “share” button for facebook works in the Web Viewer. What does not work for you when you click the share button - does not open the page in the Web Viewer to enter the account?

the facebook account viewer opens in the webview, but can not share a post by opening the official facebook app?

I like so: when you click on post share, open the official facebook app to share

Do you want to click on the link from the site to open the official facebook app, which is installed on the iPhone?

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exactly, in the case, installed on an android smartphone

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To do this, use the Share component

And I already broke my head thinking about what does not work in the Web Viewer. :sunglasses: