Retrieve web url then share through comm app

Hi, I would like to know any way we can retrieve the new web page url through the web viewer? Example, I have default and fix a web url which allow user to browse which was web A (contented multi external link in the page), after then the user click one of the link in web A then redirect to new which I called it web B, from the web B how do we retrieve its url then share it out? I did know to use the SHARE component which able for us to share with pre-installed comm app, only thing i missed was to get the new page url as mentioned above. Thanks in advance.


Do we have any pitch about this?


Unfortunately, this is a big problem and there is no way to do it using blocks.

@actech thanks for your information.

However, do it will be any alternative to resolve it, or this will be include in as a new feature in the future? Thanks.

hey, there is an issue open on GitHub on this problem.

try to write also here