Update Webview URL

Are there any plans to fix the webview url? such that one can retrieve the current url of the webview

** get URL feature of the webview doesn’t work


Hi @Nenye,

The get URL block 39 just reads the stored value from either the designer, or the set URL block (if it was used)

We’re working on an update for the WebViewer at the moment - can you tell us a bit more about how you would use this property if it was dynamic?

I’m trying to use a timer to see when the URL changes so I can perform a specific action and while we are here, are there any plans to make it possible to add web API header components dynamically?

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Hi @domhnallohanlon,

With your permission, and I will write how I would use it. I would make an invisible component of WebViewer and through its URL exchanged data between JavaScript and the app. Of course, it will not allow to transfer a large amount of data, but something is better than nothing.


Sure thing - interested to see this approach. Thanks for sharing @actech

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Hi, I would be interested in this solution waiting for new features of the webviewer. Could you show how you implemented it? thank you


What opportunities are you interested in? Currently, data exchange with the WebViewer through the URL is not possible, so I use temporary solutions - sharing through a web server, Firebase Javascript API and Data URI. If this is interesting to you, then in my demonstration project on the screens scrHTML, scrSystemInfo and others you will find this and much more interesting.


Thanks for the reply.
There are mainly three features that I need:

  1. send username and password from app to web page loaded into Webviewer;
  2. keep track of the current url of the web pages opened in webviewer;
  3. intercept scene error when the web page loaded in the webviewer is not available.

Can you help me with this?

Unfortunately not. All of these features are not available in the current version of Thunkable X.

Good morning. Are you accustomed if some of these asd functions have been implemented today? Would it be possible to apply to the development team to find an alternative solution?
Thank you

Would it be possible to apply to the development team to find an alternative solution?

Unfortunately, no good news there is. We do not have a simple mechanism for exchanging data between App and WebViewer and I have not heard that in this direction is carried out at least some work.

Hey @franco_amato

You can submit a feature request via Github if you like and it will get forwarded to the development team.