What Thunkable did for me

It may sound strange, but Thunkable was one of the reasons I graduated.
You see, one of my big subjects was physics. It was hard and I hardly understood any of it, however my approach to it was apps. Every time I learned a new formula, I always made an app where that formula was useful.

For example, when I learned about windmills, we learned how to calculate how much power a windmill is suppose to produce. I then made an app to see how much a windmill near you produce just by inputting the wing diameter.

Well, this method gave me an A in the exam.

I don’t really think the Thunkable creators realize just how much they change lifes everyday

I really want to say a big thank you. without Thunkable, I might not have gotten such good results :heart:



What an amazing post! Thank you for sharing! :star_struck:
Congratulations on that A, you totally earned it :muscle:

I bet those apps would be a great resource for people learning about physics as well!


:open_hands: inspiring :open_hands:

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