Functioning Math App

Hey guys! I’m trying to make a math quiz app where it randomly generates math problems and the person has to solve them. I know there’s a bug somewhere but I’m fairly new so I need some help! Here’s the link: Thunkable

This is all I’m seeing:

Are you able to get it to display any numbers?

You have to web preview it… It doesn’t load on live view.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 6.16.39 pm

Why? Is that intentional? An app like this should just work without publishing as a web app.

Can you post a link to the published web app?

I have no clue… I think the formatting is a bit messed up or something… Works fine on phone though. thunkablecompanion

Hmm, you’re right. I find that odd… not sure why the formatting isn’t working for you. It certainly makes it really hard to test.

Exactly… the game part works fine on live test but I have no idea what the issue is with that part.

Any idea what’s wrong?

No. The text input component is aligning strangely but I don’t see a cause for that. I’d be tempted to rebuild the first screen with new components. There must be a row that has some sizing/spacing that’s off but I couldn’t find it.

I don’t really mind that… but I mean the actual math problems themselves.

Is there a reason you’re building separate screens for each math problem rather than just using a single screen?

I was able to move some of the components around and actually enter an answer. When I did that, it generated a new random problem. But then the input field would no longer work.

I tried to do it on one screen but it looked weird and took up too much space. Looks less visually appealing.

Hmm. I would think you would just call your generateQuestion function again on that same screen. Or at the very least, show a summary screen and then reload the original first screen. It’s going to be pretty inefficient to build a separate screen for each math problem. But it can be done that way if you prefer.

I want to have 4 different types of problems though, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division…

and I don’t really know how to fit them on 1 screen properly.

Hm, what can I do?