Journaling all things Thunkable

A couple of days ago, I started writing about what I thunked that day in a notebook, along with mistakes I made and the solutions I found to them. Also did that on Airtable. I’ve found it really helpful so I can keep track of what I’ve done, and also remember what mistakes I made (the other day a couple of cloning blocks weren’t working, and I searched the community and remembered they were asynchronous) so I (hopefully) don’t make them again. It’s a nice thing to try, especially if you have a lot of projects going/are working with something you have a lot of trouble with. My current project is making this into an app😂



really nice i do decide how to make a thunkable app. what is the code and errors i can get. even whn i make i ui i got these thongs in a paper

i have a lot of projects going on . i am a web developer and learning python and thunking and making more apps on other no code app builders…
well my current biggest trouble is gcp hosting money for my app builder :joy: