What phone i need

i don’t have an iPhone and i am wondering if i can buy a cheap like iPhone 3GS or what version iPhone i need to start

Not exactly, an iPhone 3GS is very slow and outdated. You might wanna have a look at something good like the SE, or the 6 or 6S.

ok thanks

AFAIK, Thunkable × uses minimum iOS version 8? I would need confirmation on that.

oh i need to know what to buy totally new to iphones

Apps work on iphone 5 but are very slow, I’d recommend an iphone 6 minimum

Thunkable ✕ supports iOS 9 and up. Versions lower than that might work to some degree but we make no guarantees.


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It’s not entirely clear from the original posters question whether he cares about iPhone/iOS or not, so I’ll mention that Thunkable ✕ also supports Android phones. The minimum version supported is Android 4.4. As with iOS, versions lower than that might work to some degree but we make no guarantees.



i wanted to know what iphone to get to start doing Thunkable ✕


You’ll need an iPhone that supports iOS 10 or above.


ok thank you

i know i asked this before just too be sure i want to buy Refurbished Apple iPhone SE 16GB

will this work with thunkable x for building iphone apps?

I checked one of my apps on ios 9.3.5 and it did not work (I checked on 2.11.2018)

So i should get a iphone 6s

@point and @Mikas_3D, If you look at my post above (here), you’ll see that for iPhone you’ll need a device that supports iOS 10 and higher.

We also mention this in our documentation atL https://docs.thunkable.com/app-limits