What is the new 'vote' feature?

Hi all, what is the new purple vote button with a number input above it beside each SplitView topic name? I’m supposing it’s kind of a ‘react’ system (like the one in github) or maybe a different way of liking topics as an whole? I notice now it’s not possible to like the first post in a SplitView topic.

it is a new discorse plugin which is majorly used in commnunities

Yes, but what does it do?

just like a similar vote function but one one option or it

Sorry, I still don’t get it.

It’s just like a polling feature.
Just a simple example:

  • one
  • two

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I think the idea is to allow users to vote for their favorite topic(s) and generate more interest for them in the community. It seems like a strange feature to me but maybe some people will like it.