What does it mean got when opened thunakble

I got this when I opened thunkable what does it mean
@muneer @jane @domhnallohanlon @tatiang

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Did you click on the link?

I opened thunakble again and it is now showing

Wanted to ask if I buy pro of 1 month where should I out the class

I don’t understand your question but I also don’t work for Thunkable so you should check with a staff member.

My question is where can I apply the code when I buy pro

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In the payment page, you will have the opportunity to enter a discount code.

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See this



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@muneer when will the code expire @Thunkable_Staff

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I have no idea my dear. This is something needs a response from @Thunkable_Staff . The web page does not show such information.

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Ok thanks

Is this form created by thunakble

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The payment form you mean?

Yes, it is a Thunkable form.

No it is a form of thunkable and admob

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Yes, this is a Thunkable form used to get approval for apps that contain AdMob component.

Any app containing AdMob component will require a management agreement with Thunkable. With this agreement, Thunkable will receive 10% of your AdMob revenue.