What are some Best Practices when using Admob Interstitial ad

Searched for it boyth here and in internet without finding what i need.
I want to understand best practice of implemnting this ad.

Assume an app with
Page A - When a game is run
Page B - Where the reult of each game round is presented
When the result has been presented user can chose to Play again - and by that Move back to page A

How would you say i should implement this Interstitial Admob ad?
Shall i create a page C where this is happening or what…
Apprecoiate any ideas.

@tatiang - You seem to have great answers to many things - What about this one?

Hello @stefansladdeneng1
Here you can find recommended interstitial implementations from Google: Recommended interstitial implementations - Google AdMob Help

Thank you @ioannis ioannis - I saw that already. It was more a question of see how to implemnt this in reality and in thunkable. Banner is quite easy - but conceptually the interstitials are more tricky to do it right !!

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I appreciate the comment but I tend to answer questions I can so if I haven’t answered it’s usually because I don’t know.

In this case, I’ve never used Admob.


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