WebViewer Update

Hey Thunkers!

We have heard a lot of your feedback on our existing WebViewer so we wanted to take a few moments to share what we’ve learned and our plans for this popular component:

Good news for Android 4.4 and above users (~75% of users)

  • We checked our code and it turns out that you have the latest and greatest WebViewer available; this means you should be viewing websites as fast as possible in a browser today (of course, dependent on Wi-Fi, data and mobile device processing speeds)

Less good news for Android 4.0-4.3 users

  • We are very sorry but the newer browsers are not yet available to these users

Many of the WebViewer requests were not the result of old WebViewers

  • We have heard from many of you that you want to upload media files to a website (for Facebook posting), view media full screen in a browser, and support websites that have logins
  • We are actively investigating if we can add these features to our current WebViewer with the caveat that we make no promises on if/when we will be able to launch them

If there is a WebViewer feature you really, really want for an amazing app that you are working on, please let us know the details and we will do our best (again no promises!).

Hope this makes sense and apologies if it does not,
Albert @ Thunkable


Excellent!!! Keep up your good job!!!


Excellent! We can’t wait for iOS! Any ideas on when the beta is coming out or is that top secret :slight_smile:?

Its still good for me… thanks

will It automatically updated when i save my app with the web viewer component? :slight_smile: just want to be sure :slight_smile:

Awesome! Super Excited About This!

Good news. I would like to see a website fill the screen without having to manual resize it when it loads. I’ve tried setting the W+H to 100% and the screen to responsive. Nothing works. Do we have a trick to auto resize to fit the screen?

You Can Add Progress Bar?
and when link clicked blocks

the website you are trying to display must follow responsive webdesign

see also this thread


I’d like to see some simple things integrated like opening media in external players instead of html5 players, basic wordpress API functionality (sooooo many sites use wordpress so cool to include), download files within webview, drag to reload …a few other things I can’t think of right now.
You’re doing an awesome job, it’d just be great to extend webview functions as far as possible to make awesome hybrid apps with existing infrastructure.

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Opening external players not html is possible yet. If there is Wordpress REST (HTTP) API, then yes its possible to. It’s possible to download files w/ workaround.

@ILoveThunkable - Wordpress has a pretty extensive REST which is why I think it should be included. WIthin education Wordpress is used rather alot for projects and then thunkable can be a natural extension from that. Same in business, Wordpress powers a crazy amount of business sites and if thunkable natively supports the api then the wordpress back end will do so much for any apps. For example, we have 6000 customers, all of whom have website logins, we could use the wordpress dbase for basic authentication. Or for creating upload galleries- using the api it’d be possible to upload any images direct to specific galleries, wordpress would then process the images into the correct sizes and display them (think of a photo uploader app for a wedding or event)…offers lots and lots of possibilities.

I know it’s not possible yet to open external players and I’m saying options like that should be factored in for any future webview. I’ve seen a few people ask for crosswalk integration- with crosswalk a massive list of new features would become available and although they may have stopped developing for now the last version is far, far ahead of the native webview component. I mean the native html5 player is just rubbish, no controls, horrible background image that obliterates any form of video poster etc etc. Changing to crosswalk would offer alot more functionality on all devices, not just those on 5.x and above - alot of people still run kit kat devices and you’re penalising them with lack of function because they want to keep and use an older device, Crosswalk would offer them full functionality.

  1. There is no need REST API to be included. Just use WebComponent HTTP functions.
  2. I said it’s possible to open external player.

@bobbyj like Taifunsaid, if your site is fully responsive it’ll fit perfectly inline in the webviewer- here’s an image from a phone and and also a tablet showing the layout change according to screensize. I’ve simply stripped those pages of headers and footers to make them fit inline with the apps design (and they’re just spacers right now, all the content needs to written lol):

Hi I want to open this website in webview…I just tried this website to b opened after click on one button…

Site is


When I try to open this in webview…

It’s not properly zoomed…It got mixes with half page…

It’s urgent my two apps got sticker bez of this…

Thank n regards

Espero a possibilidade de no futuro o webViewer do thunkable suportar downloads de arquivos :slight_smile: .