Webviewer / Screen refreshing after each letter entered in textbox

When I experimented a little with the current possibilities of Thunkable X and tried to set up a simple web browser I realized that when entering text into my textbox the webviewer (or whole screen?) would always disappear for a short moment after each input and also when deleting a letter…

I have not set any blocks to refresh on text input (not even available yet unfortunately) and this happens on companion in Android, iOS and in the final iOS app (did not compile an .apk):

The blocks used:

I also could not find any properties causing this behavior so I assume it is a bug.

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this – I believe this has to do with how often we refresh our projects during live testing, something we hope to get better at.

Will pass the feedback along.


Thanks for the answer but I don’t really think that this has todo with the live testing because it also happens in the final built app :wink:

Got it – thanks for clarifying.

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