Webviewer pinch zoom goes outside screen width

Hi, I am using a webviewer component to load an html text file. It can be zoomed with a pinch movement. However the text goes out of the mobile screen. Is there a way to pinch- zoom but without going off the mobile width but simply rearranging the zoomed (bigger ) content in a responsive way? Please let me know.

This is my example project

If I use the label and a slider to increase font I obtain the intended effect (the text will remain inside the screen), however I cannot format the different words in the same label (and I need only one label). If I use HTML I have the text formatted but if increased it goes out the screen width :-((

Hey @danielemazza67b,

I don’t think there’s anyway - at least with the webviewer - to tell it to zoom in a bit, but not too much.

Did you write the code for the website that you’re displaying too? You would have more control over things like break points if you do.

Yes, I write the code. I have been trying all the different code lines for pinch zoom in html but with no success :frowning:

Can you make the design responsive so?

Yes, I can. It works with the browser (if I resize the screen the text is responsive). However, it does not work with apps (it is not responsive if I pinch zoom)