How to pinch-to-zoom in WebViewer in a published Mobile web-app?

Hello everyone,
My StP project I’m working on is published as a Mobile web-app. It has a screen with a full-screen sized web viewer, which shows an image (url is direct image address).

I am unable to pinch-to-zoom the image on my mobile device, testing on Android (Chrome), haven’t tested yet in iOS. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? Just want to show a full screen image, which is pinch-to-zoomable in mobile devices. I’m open to HTML / JS workarounds too. Thanks!

After a chat with @matt_conroy , it turns out that zooming in/out might not be possible within a webviewer in an Android browser.

So my question now changes to, how can I show a fit-to-screen width and full screen height, zoomable image in my mobile web app? In android Thunkable live, the mentioned works as needed; web-viewer shows the image properly and it’s zoomable. Below I’m linking a screen recording of Android Thunkable Live app, in which the above is possible. I’m looking to do similar like below for my published Mobile web app. (recording from @matt_conroy) -

Any advice is appreciated ! Thanks.

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Convert the image to a PDF (or better yet, export the original docs as a PDF) then show the PDF with the PDF component?

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Hello @domhnallohanlon , thanks for replying.

Grabbed a PDF Viewer, uploaded the PDF and tested again - the fit-to-page issue is solved, but still can’t zoom :slightly_frowning_face: Tested again on published Mobile web-app, Android.

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