WebView not loading

I just got accepted to the iOS beta (thank you for that) I’m trying to recreate an app I made for android with Thunkable that is popular with a small group of my stock trader colleagues (search BVTK on the play store). It is a bit of an adjustment and I’m still getting used to this version. First, I don’t see an option for different screens, I can work around that. (and admob would be awesome!)

My real question is, I wanted to have a web url load in the webview section. I have a few buttons that change the url too. I can’t seem to get the webview to load any URLs. Even the initial URL on the load of the app. I see the spinning icon showing it is trying to load, but the pages never load. Am I missing something?

Also, I’m testing on my ipad/ipod using the live test feature. If I’m ready to submit to the apple store, how do I download the compiled file like I can with the android version?

Thanks in advance for the help.

  1. This is only beta version of Thunkable for iOS, there ain’t such thing like AdMob or different screens yet.
  2. Hmm a few people are having same issue about Webviewer, @thunkable should try to fix it.
  3. It is not possible to download compiled version of iOS app yet, sorry

Hi there. What is the format of the url that you are using? I’m not 100% sure but sometimes you have to add http:// or https:// in front of the url for it to work.

And yes, we are working on letting you download the app to your phone and to enable publishing to the store. Hopefully coming soon!