IOS webview app is not working on ios 9.3.5

Hi Thunkers,

Recently i build a simple webview app and tried it with two IOS devices which has iOS version 12.1 and 9.3.5. but the web view app is not working on IOS version loads and just closed.and the app can be found when i check the multitasking window. even i click on that window same result.

in the webview app i put a https:// URL and a logo size - 406*406 Px.
also i put the “startInLoadingState” to true and “ShowStatusBar” to false.

other than that all the settings are default thunkable settings.
(*Minimum iOS version for thunkable apps are IOS 9.0 (devices on 8.0 can be upgraded to 9.0))

please help me to solve this.
thanks in advance.


We only support device runs on iOS 10 or above.


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hey wei, thanks for the reply.
but in the it says Minimum iOS version - 9.0 (devices on 8.0 can be upgraded to 9.0).
bit confused though.