Webview flashes when loading external URL

Why does the webview flash when it loads an external URL?
It looks like it is loading the URL twice, waiting for the page to fully load and then do it again.
This happens on app installed on Android device.

There’s some problem with Thunkable’s Web Viewer component then. Your code is fine :slight_smile:

Hi @mariokleingomeszlm, welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for the detailed report. Just in terms of reproducing this issue, if I have any webviewer and any link on Android should I see this behaviour?

Are you doing anything in the screen opens or screen starts blocks?

Have you seen the code somewhere else already?

No,but this happens with me too in my Web Browser, so I know. (Only for a few sites though).

That makes it difficult to reproduce from our end so. Perhaps it’s an issue with some particular sites?

Can you give me an example that I can replicate on my end?


Ok… Here you go, @domhnallohanlon:

P.S. Those sites work perfectly on other browsers. Hence proved, there’s a problem with Thunkable.