Webpage Live Test isn't available

Recently I can’t get the Web Preview Live Test anymore.

I hope this is just temporary issue, because I really like to use this Live Test feature.

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When have you used it last time?
I have not seen it in more than 3 months.

If you want this link then test your project from the project screen using the play button inside a circle

This will show you the link.


Thanks I can see the web live preview again!

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Its a work-around to test web apps. But I don’t consider this solved. I prefer the Thunkable team solve this so we continue to be able to click the click from the app live test (design & blocks page). not having to exit the app and click the “play” circle button.

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Why do you have to exit the app. Your app design screen in one tab of the browser and the project page is in another tab of the browser.

This feature was not available for over 3 months now but of course you can ask Thunkable to have it available but for certain it will not be available for DnD in the design page due to the way it is designed.

@muneer. I tend to keep only one page active and to work on, because I had conflicts before, i.e updates/compiling were done automatically, and if I got onto the wrong “active page” updates got mixed up.
For webapps development, I can agree perhaps to open another projects page, if this was deliberately removed to align with eventual implementation of DnD (I didn’t know if it was). I was highlighting this as I thought it may be related to the crashes I am experiencing.

Afterall, we only need to click the link once, and can use the refresh button in the browser to test webapps.

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I can assure you the link removed long ago and I copied you my response to another one asking about the same issue and the post I copied was dated early June this year.

Again, I’m a user like you and do not know the internal plans of Thunkable. If you see it a necessity then you might want to create a bug report on GitHub.

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Thanks @muneer. I simply didn’t notice. I was working on a responsive webapp project (one that uses desktop browser as default) and used the link recently. Anyway this is not critical, I will normally publish it and test it on another browser.

Same here, normal pro user, Just helping my business friends with some productivity and automation tools. And getting lots of tips from community contributors such as you.

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It should be back now.