Web app version scrollable columns

Correction: I’m able to scroll to the bottom just fine, but the top is cut off by the top of the screen and won’t allow me to scroll up any further

For some reason when I publish my web app version and view it, my columns don’t alight the content properly.

In the normal app from the phone the content allows me to scroll all the way to the top or to the bottom of the data on my screen (not a list) but on the web app I’m limited to how far I can view the top or the bottom of the content in the scrollable column.

It’s as if it automatically changes the alignment to center where I always have it set to top.

Is there some common mistake I’m missing when going from device to web app?


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Did you find a fix for this?

Unfortunately no I didn’t yet. I’ve just had to not use the web app version for my needs, sorry.

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