💡 WDC #30 - Stranger Things: Light Game

Stranger Things: Light Game

“Once you open up that curiosity door, anything is possible.”

Decode the messages coming from the upside down. Create your own light message communicator to receive messages from the other side!

Take a look at our demo app to get you started: thunkablecompanion

  • Enter your app from June 29th to July 10th to be randomly selected for Thunkable prizes!

A themed WDC is always fun!

The banner for this really confused me at first. I clicked on it and it just displayed an image. It wasn’t until later that I went back and realized I could scroll down. Not sure if others are having that same response but it might be helpful to put the text at the top and/or a note to scroll down to see details.

I’ve watched a season or two of Stranger Things but don’t remember or maybe haven’t seen the message in lights episode(s). Is there a spoiler-free link that might explain the context?

I get that the app is a bit like Simon.

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Here’s a rough preview of what I’m making:


If you choose to skip the intro scene, you’ll need to be persistent. :wink:

The final scene lights up a random 4-letter word once. There are not yet any interactive features to allow you to guess the word.


That intro scene! love it @tatiang (well worth being patient for! :joy: )


Only 18 19 more letters to go!! thunkablecompanion

Here’s the physical project that was the inspiration for this #wdc



I feel like every #wdc should have it’s own opening credits, what do you think?

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I’ll try to attend,
Just let net get this right.
The user has to guess a message coming from the app from lighting up letters?


I love this frfr

@sketch your guess is correct!


Introducing Thunker Things (defenitly not stolen from @domhnallohanlon :wink: )

Quess the right word in this fast paced game,
each time you win it goes faster and faster.

But be warned because Vecna is watching,
If the clock starts ticking your time is almost up,
so be quick and find the words.

Screenshot 2022-07-02 17.33.30

Screenshot 2022-07-02 17.33.35


Something’s not working on the timing when you play again. The first letter that appears is often from the middle of the word. For example, the word was “illustrational” but the first letter that appeared was “T”.

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are all images loaded in?
it seems that thunkable does not always load all images for me.

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Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t know how I could tell that without seeing the project link though. It also happens with the initial word. For example, HEMATICS only displayed H E M A T I C.


I was working on my version of the game although I wanted to present it with a twist. You need to pick letters from the letters on the top part of the screens (letters of THUNKS) and when you pick the 3 correct letters the door will open.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with how the platform handles groups and how to position them in the screen which forced me to delay it.

Now the the group placement is fixed, I need to redesign my app because the order of components is now in reverse so components in the lower part of the component tree are now displayed on top of components in the upper part of the component tree which is confusing.

Hope the developers fix the issue ASAP so I can present my work to the group.


My version of the Stranger Things


Just to test the game, I provided a cheat feature. If you click on the credit yellow label at the bottom of the screen, you will see the letters to open the door. Have FUN.

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Hello to everyone,
Here is my app for the Challenge

It is an easy-to-use app with 2 screens. For the back end, I am using Xano.

You can play the game here

For more information on how I have created this app, watch this YouTube video

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