🎮 WDC #26 Can you make your own "Wordle" game in Thunkable?

Sir wait i am just sharing other link
Sir @tatiang pls check

Sir but from my side it is correct
In HORNY word O and N were green

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I had this happen (I know BLAAS is not a word) and then I couldn’t enter any new letters after that.

I had the same thing happen with these words which should be allowed:


If you’re using an API, that might be what’s causing that issue if the API isn’t working.


Because sir put another word
By typing that word again
Click backspace butoon and put another word there
In the red spotted area

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize that. But still… those words should be allowed.

Also, when you backspace, it should remove the button color.


Ok I will put

But sir when u will type the whole word it will automatically be changed

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You can see here that even though the secret word was GENES, in the 4th row it showed SENDS as having two S letters in the puzzle. So that part is still not quite working.


Ok will work
But in word SENDS first S is yellow color which means it is in wrong spot and the last E,N and S are in green color which means it is in correct spot

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But that’s not correct.

GENES has one S.

SENDS has two Ss. So only one of the S tiles should be colored, the last one. The first one does not exist in the secret word.

From Wordle Same Letter Twice Rules Explained: How Does it Work?

So, what if you repeat a letter more times than it actually appears in the word? Will the repeated letter be highlighted in yellow regardless?

No, Wordle is very strict and fair with its letters. If you repeat a letter more than it appears, then the excess will be highlighted in grey. For instance, we can see below that when the player entered double “E” in a guessed word, one of them was highlighted in yellow while the other was in grey, meaning there is indeed and only one “E” in the word. Since the first “E” in the double letter pair got highlighted in yellow, it also means that neither of them is in the right position. In short, in the case of all the repeated letters being in the wrong position, the first one(s) would get a yellow highlight, and the excess repeated letter(s) would get grey highlights.


Okay sir
I am working on it
Here is my wordle of my word app :rofl:

I am having a query that this emojis are working in laptop but not in mobile why ?

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It’s definitely a word in Waterford :joy: The History of The Blaa | Walsh's Bakehouse

Great resource, thanks for sharing!


@domhnallohanlon that your 24th post is of figma file right . So does this figma file also work in StP UI OR ONLY IN DND UI ??


Figma import feature is only in DnD.


Yyyaaayyy !!!
I created the sharing function in my wordle game !! Just check everyone in the above link
Please check all of u

This link
I request that just test my app from mobile
I have share this from my mobile

This is the function


i ran your project but i didnt get the “score” tiles after clickiing on share after guessing a word.
also, it didnt seem to detect when i used up my moves and did not guess the word - it just hung there. or i think it allows one more move (ie. #7). and it doesnt give a message. i had to restart.
it would be nice if the keyboard is also updated to give feedback what letters have been used and what color, as you enter guesses. very nice version though - it’s got sound effects too!


Hi @manyone
Thank you for ur response
I haven’t put the score title in the app now i have only put the sharing function of wordle boxes
When you type a wrong word The background color of that row will be red it means that word is wrong.
When you get a wrong word just click the backspace button type another guess
I am also having problem of that keyboard update
And I am happy that you got the sound effects
Now i have upgraded the keyboard

This one, just check in above link @manyone


It looks really good!

It’s still having the problem with duplicate letters being marked as part of the secret word (the two B letters in “RABBI” and the two R letters in “REBAR”. It would seem that the letters in the secret word are RABBER.

It also did not tell me the secret word after my sixth failed guess.



I am not getting how to fix that
Can you please help @tatiang Please
Or anyone please help

You’re looping through the letters and checking to see if each one matches the same position (or another position) in the secret word:

But what you need to do instead is to remove each letter as soon as you check it. So if you are checking HELLO and the secret word is HELPS…

Then you check like this:
H in HELPS? → yes, so remove H from HELPS
E in ELPS? → yes, so remove E from ELPS
L in LPS? → yes, so remove L from LPS
L in PS? → no, so continue with PS
O in PS? → no, done checking

You should remove the letter from the string/word you are checking once it’s matched anywhere in that string. And then only check the remaining letters during the loop.


But which code do I use to remove

The way I do it is I copy the secret word to a new variable right before the loop starts. Then I use that new variable to check each letter that was guessed (in the loop). Once I find a match, I set the new variable to a substring of the new variable without the matched letter. I don’t have blocks in front of me right now but hopefully that gives you an idea.

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