🎨 WDC #22 Can you create an app for Café Thunkable?

Okay, I am done, I have made it. Click here to see it. Here are a few screenshots-

These are a few screenshots. I was thinking to add a chatbot but as it is not written to do, I did not do it.


wow guys lets all try

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just showing a splash screen for now :crazy_face:

i know it kinda sucks but i will try to improve it


how about integration to payment gateway?

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Actually that looks really great @eko.devs.apploroceo
I especially like the “A pure coffee shop for thunkers and Beavers” :joy:

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Hi there
sorry For not being active in community as my exams were going on And I saw a new look in community , I think it is upgraded

Hey Can any one say when is next WDC #

Don’t know.
@domhnallohanlon When Will the next be?
And When Will we start voting for the hangman wdc?


Trying to get a few other bits organised at the moment - will hopefully have an update in the next week or two!


well my idea is that if we can mke come app which would tell your dvice status… i mean … like bttery,storge,etd… if it isnt possible maybe we can go for another idea… like tell best device u must buy… some map like that

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Ya awesome

Wait if you want a charging one it will be quite difficult to code it as there might not be any coding blocks for a couple of things.

Ya after we finish the Café Thunkable

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okay @domhnallohanlon , @lukehoogenboom0i let’s see what will be next


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Hello everyone,
This weekend I felt I needed the weekend challenge. I’m not a coffee drinker so I thought of doing something else.

One of the community members (@overshield , see this post) posted asking how to display selected words in a text in different color therefore I thought to take this is a challenge.

I started the project and it is not complete yet but I decide to show the project and would appreciate any comments and suggestions.

The top part of the screen has an input field which when left empty, the app will use sample data which is the introduction paragraph in Thunkable documentation.

Following is the part that allows the user to select both the default paragraph color and the highlighted words color. Just a simple color random selection.

The next section is a button to update the list which works only when the user supply own paragraph.

The list, just below the button, will list all the words in the paragraph and allow the user to select individual words to be highlighted by just selecting or clearing the checkbox in front of the word.
A simple text label will show the number of highlighted words.

The last section of the app has two buttons one to show the paragraph with the highlighted words and another button to clear the display area in case the user changed the highlighted words and need to re-display the paragraph.

I tried to fit the app in a single screen although it would be better to have the paragraph displayed in a separate screen and gives it a better look. Due to too many components in the screen it might not work as expected in all devices but this kind of tweaking is managed at the end of the project. I did it as a proof of concept not as a utility app.

Hope you like the idea


perfect! here’s my project

Now can we start A new WDC
Because this WDC #22 is now 2months old
Now pls start new WDC

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Perfectly continuing to creating new #wdc will help a lot


Hey can u create a WDC on weather UI app ??

This has already been done.

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Okay so any other Idea