Please help, I want to make an app that involves reserving seats in an internet cafe

I want to make an app that deals with booking seats in an internet cafe. But I don’t know what kind of block I need
The app will show you the seats in the restaurant and you can choose the number of times you’ll have and the number of hours you want to play on that computer.
Please give me some advice. This work is my college work. I studied the Worker’s Choice Program but the college didn’t teach me anything about it

Hi, welcome to Thunkable!

You need to figure out an algorithm before you start working in Thunkable. Just having an idea for an app isn’t enough. You have to break it down into smaller steps. Then, after you’ve done that, ask a specific question about a specific step and someone here can probably help you with that.

I’m having trouble making a display that shows customers choosing seats in a store. Within the app you will be asked to select your seating area and desired number of hours and when finished selecting, I want to bring this information to be displayed on the confirmation page so that the customer can check the correctness of the order list that the customer has chosen again.

You can save the user’s choices in variables and then display that information on another screen.

If you don’t know how to do that, I would recommend reading/watching info about Data Viewer Lists/Grids and Simple Lists in the documentation.

I thank you very much I’ll try it out first. :grinning: :grinning: