[Solved] Need help with my travel app

Hi guys.

I’ve been watching the tutorials on YouTube for some time now but I’ve finally decided to actually give it a go for myself.

I’m a keen traveller and thought it would be good to create an app for myself which lists all the places in the world I am still yet to visit as well as places I have already been and then have somewhere to say how many times I’ve been there. For example:

Barcelona 3 (the 3 is how many times I’ve been)
Greece 1

You get the gist.

Anyways, I thought a simple label and maybe a text input with local storage would do the job. The problem is when I come to block it out. I can’t get the amount of times I’ve visited to store.

I’ve designed it okay (I think) I’ve got a column filling the screen and I’ve put rows within the column with a label and text input within the rows.

I’m probably way off but like I said earlier I’m a novice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

Sounds like a fun idea for an app. When you need help on the forums, it’s important to include the blocks you’re using. Otherwise, it’s a total guess why your project isn’t working the way you want it to. Screenshots are the best method to get across the way you’ve set something up. You can drag them right into the forum post while editing it (you will probably need to re-size the images smaller first, at least in my experience).

Nice one. Thanks for the advice. I’ll edit the OP when I next get the chance to work on my project.

Thanks for your help.

@tatiang Sorry for the late reply but this is the first chance I’ve had to send my blocks.

The design isn’t great but I just wanted to make sure I could block it out before I made it look good, so please ignore the design for now.

I’m probably 100 miles away from where and what I need to be doing but I am really eager to learn, so any help would be fantastic.

So those blocks will store the text input in a key called “Text” and then retrieve that value from storage. In the “when Get is done” area, you’ll want to tell the program to do something with the green value block. For example, you might set a label’s text to “value” in order to display it.

Okay, so if I add the value to the label, will this show value show every time the app is opened?

For example, if I placed a 4 beside USA (because I’ve been to the USA 4 times) then I shut the app down would the 4 still be there when I opened the app back up?

Thanks for all your help by the way, it really is appreciated.

I would create a variable made up of a list of 0’s. 100 perhaps.

I would create a variable to save names of places I’ve been

I would create a dynamic list with labels and buttons. at least 1 button and 2 labels (location and #) for each location

I would include a screen or section for adding new places (so a text box and button in single row)

i would include a template row to sample what you would want things to look like if there was actual info being displayed. name that ‘master.row’

I would save places to the list

i would on load and save button clicks, create a clone of ‘master.row’ in your screen. i would creat 1 for each location in your list of llocations

i would then assing a location name and the item from the other list with the corresponding index as a location and the number of times visisted

when i press the corresponding button, i would have the button index match the item index in the location count variable list, and then add 1 to that, then update the screen.

something like that

Hi, @beadle07! :wave:

Welcome to our Community! :tada: :handshake:
It’s awesome that you have decided to build an App yourself :star2: :+1:

Indeed, it’s a great idea for an App!

Building this would not be hard for you, (as a beginner) since Thunkable has very straightforward blocks.

Here’s the idea we would work on -

  • First, let’s revise the concept - You need two modes, places that you have to visit, and places you have visited. Every place you have visited would have a count in front of it, so you get to know how many times you’ve been there.
  • We would work with/need just 3 screens, one for menu - which would let you choose your desired mode (to visit places / visited places), one for to visit - where you would add places you have to visit in the near future, and last one for have visited.
  • The to-visit screen would consist of a text-box and a button. The text-box would take the input of the name of the place and the button would be “submit” button - which when clicked, would store the name of the place in a list inside local_storage. The screen would also show a list-viewer showcasing all the added places. You can also remove any place by clicking on it.
  • The have visited screen would also consist of a text-box and a button. The text-box would take the input of the name of the place and the button would be “submit” button - which when clicked, would store the name of the place in a list inside local_storage. This screen would also showcase a list-viewer, in which when a place is clicked, two options would be visible - increment the times visited value, and delete.

Does this concept help you?
If yes, I would be very happy to help you further.

Thanks a lot! :blush:

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I think I’m going to try and do it both ways suggested for practice.

Initially I’m going to try your idea @kartik14 because I’ve been using local storage in my original idea and don’t really know a lot about variables.

Once I get the chance to work on my project again and i have the design in place I’ll contact you for help with the blocks if that’s okay.

Appreciate the help, I really do.


@kartik14 I’ve made a start. I’ve created the menu screen as per your suggestion and I’m fine with that. I’ve created two other screens: 1, For places visited and 2, for places I want to visit.

I’ve made a basic design for each screen with the components you suggested and I decided to make a start on trying to block out the places visited screen first. So far I’ve been able to input my text and add it to the list viewer but the text goes down the screen over multiple input lines (if that makes sense) as an example: If I type in Japan into my text box it looks like this in the list viewer:
I’ve spent the best part of two hours trying to understand why this is happening but I can’t figure it out.

Here are the screenshots of what I’ve done so far.

Countries Visited (design)

Countries Visited (Blocks)

Any help appreciated. Thank you.

The from VisitedList_Viewer set text item to block is expecting a list. But you are setting it to a text string.

You need to store your location names in a list with each list item being a unique place: Japan, France, India, etc. Using a text input for this is fine as long as you store the result in a list item.


Okay guys, so I think I’ve cracked it with the list. I watched a you tube video this morning that Domhnall uploaded 12 months ago and used it as a template for what I needed to do and I came up with this.

If this is correct (and I really hope it is, so I don’t embarrass myself any further), then I guess the next step is clicking on the item in the list and inputting how many times I’ve been there.

So far I’ve got the List viewer click block but then I have no idea where else to go with it haha.

Again, thanks for your help so far. I don’t know what I would do without this forum.

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I put together a sample app. See it in my Sandbox App . from the SideNavigator look for screen “OhThePlacesIveBeen”

you’ll notice I went with a stored variable but used pathways similar to the keys you would use with local storage. i’t just something i am more familiar with

[EDIT] - This way requires fewer blocks total but produces the same result

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Wow, that is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much. I have to pick my son up now from his grandparents but I will have a really good look at this when I can.

Brilliant, thanks again.


Happy to help! I just got my baby down for a nap before I made that for you! #dadlife


Mines 3 years old… I remember when he used to take naps with fond memories haha.

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Bit late to the party and tryna compete with @kartik14 for the solution :wink:

But why not have two columns. On top column you insert a list viewer with all the cities and countries or both in top column when you click any country on top column in bottom column there is a ROW with button and text set to 0 value when you click item on from list viewer you use get list viewer item and the text of button is replaced with the item name/country once it’s at bottom you can click the button and the label text increases by 1

And you can use local storage and make two columns of cities/countries and number of visits

And use clone component


Not in competition, we just took different approaches. My example took 10 minutes to build. It was for demo purposes only. Guess I should’ve taken more time to receive your praises @farhanlatif027i3df :joy: ,
Like I said, #dadlife (dad of 2 little kids plus full time graduate student plus planning for my wedding plus working 40+ hours a week plus programming for the app I’m using in my graduate research)

I’m sure there’s several great methods to this. Yours sounds good too. Can you also make the example and share it?


Enjoy it… my kids are 10 and 13.

@jared’s demo is vastly more helpful than what I was going to post so I’ll hold off.

@jared, you a fan of In Living Color? Sounds like you’ve got a full life right now but as they would say in their sketch, “You only have 3 jobs???!!!”



I could never compete with you :star2: and best of luck on everything you mentioned wishing you success and happy early wedding :metal:t2::metal:t2:

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