Help me a saved informations in my app

hello i’m developing an app where there is a part for annotations like a to do list, but this is giving a problem, the information is not being saved, every time you enter the app what was on the list is gone, can someone help me, ja I tried to use local storage but it didn’t work

I have something that may help here

Look for an app called cloud notes

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Post the blocks so we can see what you are doing

You need to click the remix link and see in the app. The question is not specific enough to post blocks. A note app is more than 1 screenshot.

If you have a specific question about a part of the app, I can post a screenshot

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Please check this tutorial.

How to store data internally

Please either post a picture of your own blocks or a link to a project we can see so that we may help you further.

It’s impossible to know we’re you’re struggling without knowing exactly what you’ve tried already

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