Saving & Getting an information after the app was closed

Hey ! I am trying to save an item in a localstorage so I can show this item after the app was closed, but it is not working, here are the blocks :

In this one I save the item to the Local storage

And here when my screen opens I try to get the information, but it fails to work.
It only gets me the first element of the list.

Any idea ? Thanks !

It’s pretty difficult to just see a screenshot of a subset of a fairly complex app and diagnose what might be going wrong. Can you try to create a simpler, complete app and ideally provide a screenshot and a share link for that project? That would make it much easier for folks to help.


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The other blocks aren’t relevant for that issue. Basically, the items are saving in the list correctly but when the app opens again it only gives me the first item of the whole list.

The other blocks are relevant because without seeing how add1 and start are called I have no idea what exactly is getting saved and later retrieved.

That said, I’ll point out that in the code I see above I don’t see any list being saved. I only see a 'Text' property of a component named 'Suburb'.


I am saving 1_1 2_1 3_1 here and trying to collect them later when start procedure is executed. But only the first one is collected :confused:

I reiterate my comment above. Please create as simple as possible a project which demonstrates the problem. That would really help :wink:


Well, I have another app using the same system which is working :confused: I don’t exactly know what to do…PLease check your Private messages :slight_smile: