Creating a local storage and then displaying the contents to a list on another screen

Hi I have been trying without success to create a screen than allows data entry into to text fields and the storage of an image to local storage. I then want to be able to display the contents to edit or view in another screen I have found tutorials for the classic version and in Hindi but noting in english with the new version. I have managed the store. I would be forever grateful is someone can help.

Hi, the local storage has a save function and a get function. You could simply use the save function on your first screen and then save it into you local storage with a key. On the next screen you would have to use the get function with the same key in order to get the values.

Hope this helps a bit

Do I not need to create a list to display the items? if not thats easier than I thought


If you have multiple items which you want to store under the same key then yes

Sorry I have a list to store in local storage the multiple items my problem is getting them to be a list in the following screen

Here is an example, which shows what you want to achieve:

Hope this helps!

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This is perfect thanks you so much. I had can see where I was going wrong. I intend to make an English tutorial for this as It had me stumped

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