Stored Lists - saving from an app list creates duplicate entries

Been using Thunkable X for only a few weeks. Quite impressed. Have been developing sw for a long time though. However, whilst trying to solve a problem saving lists in my app I created a little test app to ensure the lists were being saved and restored. I’m seeing strange behaviour. After deleting the app from my phone to ensure any stored variables were deleted and then resinstalling, the first time the app ran I got what was expected. One hello in the lists view. I then exited the app and reran it expecting to see 2 hello’s in the list. There were 3. I exited again and reran it and I now see 5. It seems that the assignment to the stored list from the app templist is creating an extra entry. It’s late here now and my brain might be frazzled but is this a known issue?test stored list

The fact is that you slightly misunderstand when the Screen Start and Screen Open blocks work. The Start block is executed at the application initialization stage, and the Open block is executed each time the screen is displayed. This means that after launching the app, you will get the Start block, and then the Open block.

Thanks for quick reply. That was my understanding. So first time through start block executed and stored list is set to empty. Open block executes and adds 1 hello to list app temp list and that list saved to stored list. I exit the program and then launch again. Start block executes and stored list is not empty so app temp list set to stored list containing one hello. Open block gets executed and 1 more hello added to templist. Why is there 3 and not 2 hellos now. Not quite understanding the nuances still.

Do you use Android? If this is the case, then currently stored blocks do not work for Android. I just made an example and see that stored doesn’t work - that’s the whole nuance.

Let me clarify the situation. In the Live on emulator Android 7 works, but in Live on the Android 9 device, it doesn’t.

Yes, using Android and version 9. I should have stated I was using the phone. Dang. That is a major bug. What external storage works best for persistent data?