[Solved] Need help with my travel app

Haha. What’s great clip. Also a great show! My favorite clip is probably Handiman(though I’ll probably receive backlash for saying that)

I love the Wayne’s bro’s. Do they have an app yet!?!

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Okay, the baby is in bed and the wife has took herself off to watch a movie, leaving me to have a go at copying your example.

I’m only on the second block and stuck already haha. Where do I find the 2nd and 3rd block in your screen shot? The ‘to Places return’ ohThePl’ and the ‘to Times return ohThePla’ blocks.

You’ll be sick of me before I’m done with this haha. Trying to learn where to find the blocks and what they all do/mean is a hard task.

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Please ignore my last comment as I figured it all out in the end (I think the bottle of red wine helped).

So, in the end I went with @jared second example and it worked wonderfully. There was only 1 issue/bug I needed to deal with from my thunkable live test and that was that the text never deleted itself after I inputted a country. I’ve solved that issue myself as I remembered how to do it from a YouTube clip I watched a while ago.

The only thing I would like to improve on is the ‘how many times I’ve visited number’. I think the app would look better if I had a visual number alongside the country. I think it’s awesome you just have to tap the country to update the amount of times visited (so would like to keep that function), but I just think if it had a number beside so when you are looking at it you could visually see the amount of times it would be better.

I’ve tried alsorts of different things to try and make the number show but I can’t do it, not even with a bottle of red on board haha.

One thing I will take from this app is the coding. I’ve sat for an hour talking myself through each line of code, trying to understand what it was doing and I think I’m starting to get my head around it. Seriously thank you so much for the help.

As an aside, is there any thunkable courses I could do to help me improve my skills other than you tube videos? If there are, I would be very interested.


We have most of our tutorials on YouTube and @Darren is one of our Power Thunkers who runs a great site called xtutorials.io - well worth checking out Kevin!

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Awesome. I’ll take a look. Thank you.

I think my cloud based todo app could be modified for something like this. That app features a DIY “Fancy” list viewer. Each “list item” is composed of 1 column That holds 2 rows that hold 2 labels each and 1 button. This format is repeated or “cloned” for each item on my list (or location in your case). When I press the button it shows an alert that Does some stuff. That’s where the programming would change. You would keep a list of values that corresponds eith your list of locations visited. Then on button Add 1 to the value that shares the same index as the location. Display this next to the country name or below or anywhere!

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