Way to jump from one textbox to another?



so far the Docs couldn’t help and I didn’t find a solution myself either… I would like to know if there is a way to select the next textbox on “enter” or “next” press on the keyboard? It worked in Thunkable Classic and I would hope there is a way in X as well since otherwise every form becomes a User Experience nightmare :grimacing:

“autofocus” does only work when it is enabled for maximum of 1 textbox :frowning: how can I get to continue to the others?



Hi @Helios

Any suggestions How to do it in Thunkable X…

Seriously looking for a way out, otherwise app ui is too bad…

Go to next textbox when "Enter" is pressed

Hi @Navneet_Singhal,

I’ve moved your question here since it’s about the same thing.

Unfortunately this feature is not available right now but based on @gre4t_wh1te’s question I have submitted a feature request for it.

Can you tell me a little more about what sort of app you are building?


I have almost build a CMS system in Thunkable. MCVK Parivar App (Private Project). I want to share it but I think that keeping it public will expose my app id and base id’s i am using to save the data reports.


Say when we are in 1 input text box and as we finish typing in 1st text box and go to another text box 2, the keyboard goes off first then click again on 2nd input box, then keyboard comes up again… It doesn’t happen in any other apps. Why our apps are missing this basic thing ? It annoys the users… Please guide If i m doing it wrongly or please get this sorted out on priority.