Way to jump from one textbox to another?


so far the Docs couldn’t help and I didn’t find a solution myself either… I would like to know if there is a way to select the next textbox on “enter” or “next” press on the keyboard? It worked in Thunkable Classic and I would hope there is a way in X as well since otherwise every form becomes a User Experience nightmare :grimacing:

“autofocus” does only work when it is enabled for maximum of 1 textbox :frowning: how can I get to continue to the others?



Hi @Helios

Any suggestions How to do it in Thunkable X…

Seriously looking for a way out, otherwise app ui is too bad…


Hi @Navneet_Singhal,

I’ve moved your question here since it’s about the same thing.

Unfortunately this feature is not available right now but based on @Chris’s question I have submitted a feature request for it.

Can you tell me a little more about what sort of app you are building?


I have almost build a CMS system in Thunkable. MCVK Parivar App (Private Project). I want to share it but I think that keeping it public will expose my app id and base id’s i am using to save the data reports.

Say when we are in 1 input text box and as we finish typing in 1st text box and go to another text box 2, the keyboard goes off first then click again on 2nd input box, then keyboard comes up again… It doesn’t happen in any other apps. Why our apps are missing this basic thing ? It annoys the users… Please guide If i m doing it wrongly or please get this sorted out on priority.



Hi, any update on this? I agree it is annoying for filling out inputs. Their seems to be no way to allow the customer to simply click next or tap the next text box to focus on that field. It requires one tap to exit and hide the keyboard, and then another tap to focus on the next input. I hope I’m just doing something wrong too.


Thanks for your question @jvparker, but please don’t post in multiple topics about the same thing. We are aware of this behaviour and are in the planning stages of a future update. We haven’t started working on it and don’t have a scheduled release date right now.

Can you provide some screenshots of the UI you are working on and the way in which this issue affects you.


Hi Domhnall, thanks for the constructive feedback. New here from a similar community but so far I’m very happy with my transition. I’ll work on getting screenshots added if that might help.

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please add screenshots if its resolved

hi, is it resolved now…

can you please help

I too would like to see this feature added. I am building a rather complex app that requires a lot of user input and this will be a deal breaker if I cant find a way to make it more convenient for the user, which would be a real bummer since I love the platform and community help.

Is there a way to insert a hyperlink on a text input?

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totally agree that this is an essential that should be added as soon as possible and I would rather want to see this instead of another feature addition… My app has just a few textboxes and even that is already extremely annoying for users… what do you mean with adding a hyperlink?

so true … it’s so annoying and the interesting thing is if you fill out a form in web view you can jump from one to the other… so they should add the future and tell all text input in coulmn 1 can jump from one to other

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I’m new to any form of coding beyond Excel macros, VBA and Wordpress Backend so I’m probably not thinking in the right language. A hyperlink is used in an excel worksheet so I was thinking of a way to add a menu navigation which calls for the referenced location.

>Is there a way to insert a hyperlink on a text input?


You would use navigators for this purpose but you can also use the „navigate to screen“ block to move between screens. However unfortunately you cannot link to something like a textbox.

Best, Chris

But that is no text input and according to the latest post I don‘t think this is what @vossempire meant :thinking:

Ok I asked the wrong question. Is there a way to reference the next text input label by a click on the keyboard “next” button in the current text input label, accomplished by referencing a link or handle in another text input.

NO that is unfortunately not possible :confused: that is why I and many other users wish they finally add this basic feature in favor of usability

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Would a potential alternative be to create a new screen for every input with autofocus when next screen opens? With something like 300 potentials questions by my users I don’t think that would work for my needs but might work for smaller applications?