How to set default Focus TextBox

How to set default Focus TextBox.
or Next focus next textbox after press button.

Hi @sangnakrit,

Unfortunately, this is not available in Thunkable X right now but hopefully we’ll be able to implement it in the near future. You’re not the only user who has requested this (I know @Chris in particular is looking forward to it)

Can you tell me a little more about the type of app you are trying to build?



Hi, @sangnakrit! :wave:

In the Advanced properties of text input, there is Auto focus switch.


By this, when your screen opens, keyboard will automatically open, and you will be able to write in that box.

Thanks! :blush:


My Application use for scan barcode 1D code39 .
After scan focus is lost from textinput.
I’dont want to click this text for next scan.

But, But this solution can use for first time when open screen only.

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