Want to make less screens

i have 2 database in this project and 2 different display screens
but i think i should be able to use one screen to display but my blocks is all wrong can anyone tell what i am missing? to make it all show in one screen.

I only see one data source in the screenshot. Have you tried it with two different data sources selected in the get value blocks?

Can you use a single data source to do the same thing?

oh that is an error

Does it work? If those are the only blocks on that screen, it’s not going to work because app variables have no value when the screen opens. So if you immediately check to see if app variable Group1Books is true or app variable Group2Books is true, I think you’ll just get an error/nothing happens.

Where are you setting the value of those two variables? And are you setting them to true/false? Because an if block without an equals (=) block can only evaluate as true or false.

still does not work adding = True

Okay, then you’ll have to try something else.

you are testing if group1books exists and then using that same variable as the reference row. Please show how you first assign a value to the Group2Books variable for more meaningful input here.

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