Make 2 screen into one screen

Is it possible to make two screen into one, but is should be able to work as if I have two screen

I have a few screens that is nearly the same, but want to make it less screens. as most of the blocks is the same.

maybe you can use drawer navigator

No this is not what I need, I want to know if you can combine two screens into one screen, with different labels eg.

You can absolutely use a single screen for what you need. There is no way to combine two screens but you can manually set up the blocks for one screen to dynamically display data. Typically, if you were going to read from a data source, you would assign a row value to a variable and then change that value as needed to change what is displayed on the screen.

If you Google quiz Thunkable, you can see some examples of this method. I’m not sure which tutorial or video uses a single screen but there should be something helpful in those results.

Thank you

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