VR Checker (My first app)

VR Checker can tell whether your phone supports VR or not. Download here → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thunkable.android.jakepalancadeveloper.VR_Checker


Its like you copied it from:


I totally agree with @Sander0542. The idea, content and layout: all seems to be copied from @pavi2410. Beware that he can pull it down from the Play Store citing Intellectual Property violations.
Nobody would care less about such apps.

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Can you help me with something?

I can’t do anything because I don’t own any copyrights. Also, this, in my belief, is not that only I can build such app, but anyone can make same app.

@CrackedVideos you can redesign it so that it stands out of the crowd.


I totally agree with @pavi2410 there are multiple apps which are totally similar but redesigned… :grinning:

You don’t have to own exclusive rights. If any app is recognisably similar to yours, you can always file an IP violation. But as you say, it is best if @CrackedVideos can redesign their app.

@CrackedVideos I would rather think of an unique idea for an app… Still great start for your first app :smiley::+1: That’s how you start learning :+1:

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I’m currently making a fidget spinner simulator. (I thought of it ryyyeeer)


It’s a good first app, but try not to copy others too much…

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this was a long time ago and i took it down