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Hey folks! :wave:

Our friends at Xano have just launched on Product Hunt. Their no-code backend is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with your Thunkable projects through the Web API component.

What is Xano

Xano is the fastest way to build a scalable backend for your App using No Code. Each Xano account comes with a scalable server, a flexible database, and a No Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.

A few reasons why you’ll love Xano:

  • Store data on a powerful Database with No Record Limits
  • Build APIs with simple to complex business logic using No Code.
  • Integrate and connect to any platform or Front-end
  • Scale to support millions of users without worry.
  • Launch without worry on Xano’s secure infrastructure
  • 100+ Tutorial videos, robust documentation, and a vibrant community

Check it out and, if you like it, give it an upvote!

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Can the Xano be intergrated easily in thunkable apps just like the Airtable now??


Not really. But you can use the API to perform database operations just like using the Airtable APIs instead of Thunkable blocks for Airtable.


Thank you @domhnallohanlon !

I’m Prakash and I’m the head of product for Xano. Happy to answer any questions here.

@versatile muneer mentioned you can easily use the API to connect and display data from Xano in Thunkable. We plan on doing a small workshop session showing how easy it is to connect the two products so you can leverage the amazing power of Thunkable on the front-end and our scalable No Code Backend


Hello Prakash (@nocodebackend )

I just tried a simple demo using Xano back end and I can say that it is easier than i thought.

Please have a look



Looks good @muneer - how long did it take you to build that?

Have you tried adding Text Inputs to allow you send data/new users from Thunkable to Xano?

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It took me very little time actually.

I was interested in the connectivity, so the easiest is to read from the database because you do not need to configure the API to use parameters which would be an added learning experience in Xano side.

I added Add user button. Try and let me know your comments.




oooh - look at our lovely user IDs! :star_struck:


What would be really useful to have is an example of how I could let users sign in to Xano and then based on their individual accounts edit a segment of a spreadsheet. Like the integration with Firebase now for Thunkable. Firebase would work perfectly for me with Thunkable, but I really don’t like Firebase for other reasons, such as the inability to cap usage. If I could use Xano like Firebase and have a little more control over the backend, like capping usage, that would just be awesome. Overall, Firebase with its json structure for storing data is terrible, so I’d see easy room for improvement here. Just a hint. :slight_smile:

@ethosworkfi - we’re running a webinar with Xano and @art from NoCodeDevs in a couple of weeks, more here:

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Someone said just “does it connect like Airtable” which okay it doesn’t, but it does seem very similar too:

  • RethinkDB,
  • AppSmith,
  • Strapi,
  • Directus
  • and possibly Hasura (though that is GraphQL).

Oh and of course there’s the option of just setting up a full custom REST API using Advanced Custom Fields on WordPress which with cloud hosting can be basically free.

All of the above are free softwares (except ACF which is a paid plugin).

It just seems like another GUI database…