Voice-activated selfie app

Voice Selfie App

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Great idea for an app @aahwancoder!

Just one suggestion, since the /copy/ links expire, perhaps you could share your /projectPage/ link instead?

This way, community members will be able to star and remix your project.


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i know img i did it in whitehatjr projects is it that only?

Nice! I was just making a similar app for my mom for taking photos (not selfies) because she tends to shake the camera a little when she holds the phone and her photos sometimes turn out blurry. Voice activation should help a little with that.

I’m trying to figure out a listener that will take a photo whenever you say “take photo” instead of having to first press a button.

I noticed that your project is taking the text value from a label rather than the green “value” button in order to check the speech entered by the user.

Also, am I right that the camera opens but doesn’t take a photo? That part has to be done manually by the user, right? Which then makes the speech recognition not so useful. At least that’s my experience on an iPhone.

well great try to improve ui