Videos and Pictures wont load after app store release

I have made 16 different versions of my app. Each time trying to get the pictures and the videos to load on my app once published. I get error messages telling me to restart the app when trying to load video. Also pictures just simply won’t load at all. Please help

what file formats are you using?

I’m at work right now. But is there specific files I should be using. I’m not a my computer to check files right now.

Hi @sinystersoulutions - a common reason that this can happen is if the file sizes themselves are too big. We recommend file sizes to not exceed 50KB -100KB. When the file sizes exceed that range, it can cause problems with app loading or crashing.

Can you check your asset sizes and make sure they are in line with the recommended range? If they are not, I recommend removing them or replacing them with a compressed version of the asset.

Let me know if that helps!


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Something I found was that I had changed file names and forgot to include extensions in the asset manager. Once I added the .png to my images, it fixed this issue

Thank you for the advice. I went through and re-edited the videos and photos, basically deleted and started over. But im going to run tests and I hope that the labeling of files was the issue. I noticed everything that wasn’t working wasn’t labeled at the end like .mp3 .mp4 .png So i re uploaded without renaming. And I have a feeling this fixed it but i will keep you updated. Also some of my files do exceed the limit earlier mentioned.