Values not Saved in Local DB

I have a Problem where I cant find a solution,
I have 10 screens where I save Values from buttons into a app variable (app_counter_variable_1 /// app_counter_Variable_2 … ) , the values for all Buttons are successfully saved into the variable, I confirmed it, if you click on the forward button to go to the next screen the values from the variables should be saved into the local database.


are both saved successfully into the Database butt all the following values
Kriterium_3 to Kriterium_10 are not saved into the Databse.

Heres a Screenshot from my Blocks, this pattern is the same over 10 screens.

I think this might be our fault here @Christian_Sigge

Can you try adding in a wait 0s block in between each of your Kriterium variables and let me know whether or not that works for you?