Local Storage Variable Undefined

Hey guys,
I am currently making an auction-type app and have a bit of a problem with saving to local storage between screens, it is similar to this issue: Local Storage Problems
Which didn’t get a definitive answer, and this always returns Undefined.
Below is my project if you need reference:
Thanks in advance!

I will help you after identifying the app and the problem

Did you notice that there is a problem on the reload procedure’s 1st block. On the first “DB1” block there is a place to write the key to enter data. you have missed a part of that “join” block to put text.
is this thing is helpful if not follow this link :https://docs.thunkable.com/thunkable-cross-platform/create/blocks/text .

Hey, thanks for the note, but it didn’t help the situation. Also I haven’t got an android device so I couldn’t get your app :disappointed:. Thanks, anyway though, the problem is on screen “Search Results”

Sorry, I can’t find the problem. If it is argent please contact with message with “actech” hi can help you

To debug the program, add a Label to the screen. Before each operation and after each variable change operation, output its value in this Label.Text.

I have already done this, and th variable loses it’s value once I change screens, also it is an error with local sorage,not firebase DB