Using two "get property Objects" returns undefined

( Returns undefined)

It was working fine but suddenly it starts it to return undefined when using two “get property of the object” together

Does anyone happen the same?

I was wrong. Unfortunately, this is a bug and the function variable also works with an error. You will not like the temporary solution.

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OMG! well as long as it works I would like it ! Thanks for the help ! i’m using this code temporary :grin:

Have a look at this @Daniel_Coglitore, yes it’s a bug and it made me waste an afternoon :angry:

I don’t understand the labels in the picture…I think they will fix this soon !

and look a the bright side there are two new components date and time wich would save us a lot of time coding! meanwhile les’t be patiencie while they solved this! :pensive:

Every, and i mean every, action that I take in the block section of the complex screens takes around 20 to 40 seconds.

I understand that it is a great, and free platform, but for the complex project that I created, it’s not very comfortable to say the least to use right now, and when I’m trying to make it work by using less blocks, but I encounter a bug, and I waste an afternoon, it’s hard to ‘digest’

It happens the same to me but theres nothing we can do , we just have to wait until they solved this ! in the meantime always try to reduce the codes on one screen and try to do as much as procedure you can but I know still takes a lot of blocks to do something complex and we want to all happens in the same screen but still being a great platform and is getting better !
I use a lot of screens so I can reduce a bit the slowness is the only thing we can do for now