Get Property for object not working in Thunkable App

I have encountered a problem while testing with thunkable app. I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem. I have narrowed down the bug to Get Property feature.

Background: This app pulls information from airtable and display in list viewer.

1 I didn’t have this problem until this morning. Same code.

2 The app works fine in PC browser, but show reset error in Thunkable app

3 The data pull from airtable is working.

4 If I removed the get property, it works both in PC and App. Once I include the get property, PC works but App doesn’t.

hmmm I wonder…
I have a slightly different issue I’m trying to debug, but what I notice is if I create a label to trace out the properties I get a long feed of incremental numbers…
I’m pretty new to thunkable, but this wasn’t what I expected and seems counter intuitive to what the block is for.
If this is correct ignore me, but might be worth running the same test and seeing what you get.

p.s. I am 100% sure my object contained a JSON object from a working api and just tracing out the object displays what I expected to find in my JSON

Fixed with app update.


Hi there,

I’m glad this behavior is resolved for you! I’m going to mark your own response as a solution so that people know this is not an outstanding issue. Thanks for posting, and for the update!

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