RESOLVED - New type of "Get Object" suddenly broken for JSON arrays

Guys, I need your help on this one. Does anyone suddenly get issues with retrieving array elements from JSON objects when using the new type of the “Get Property XXX Of Object”? By new type I mean the recently introduced block that allows you to use a variable as property name instead of a predefined string.

In my case I am retrieving a JSON response from OpenWeatherMap forecast and I can see the object by dumping the contents of Response > Get Object from JSON > Get Property “List” which gives [Object object, Object object…] as expected but when retrieving the contents of the first element (0) I get Undefined.

I also noticed another user posting a few minutes ago a similar issue with getting Undefined from a realtime DB using the same new type of “Get Property”. It could be a coincidence of course or… dunno.

Is anyone seeing the same issue? Just to be clear, an old copy of the same app I am building works fine with 100% exactly the same blocks so I don’t believe there is something wrong with what I have built.

Anyone else?


“Get Property XXX Of Object”? hi ! cand you give an example of the blocks you are using? because there is a bug when using two “Get Property XXX Of Object” togheter that will return undefined ! I made a post about this bug and in there is the temporaly solution as well… look out for “Using two get property of objects return undefined” and also there is another bug that using a variable to set the name of the property of the object it will return undefined! if you give me an example maybe I can help you

Hi @Daniel_Coglitore

Sorry, this will explain better:

The field “Old” gets populated properly while the “New” one gives “undefined” .

@Mark I believe this occurred right after the latest release. Can anyone else confirm?


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Yes is a bug that happends with the new ones as you can see it works normal with the old ones , is you need to use urgently with the new ones in the post I did about this bug is a temporly solution

Search “using two get property objects returns undefined”

Hey, the thing is that it worked fine with the new ones as well until the latest release (September 6th I think). I am going to post a bug report; this must be fixed like… now-ish.

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We’ll take a look.


Resolved! Thanks!

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Yep. Glad you noticed!