[Solved] JSON still beating me

I have this JSON response -

        "id": 1,
        "regletter": "K"
        "id": 40,
        "regletter": "Y"

and these are my blocks

and the result of Live test


Don’t understand what I would get null. I have the same blocks in another app and it returns results just fine.

I haven’t seen Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online display JSON like this but it shows the path to the “regletter” property as “array[1].regletter”. I would have thought it would be “[1][1].regletter”. So I would try to get the property of the JSON object with either of those text strings to see which one works. And then adjust your blocks from there. Because right now, you’re getting the property “[1].regletter”.


Funny… when I do a test myself, the only one that works is “[1].regletter”.

This works for looping through the JSON object:

Ahh, I see the error of my ways!

I was doing a count through the object, but not referencing the count in the get property block!

Serious brain fog!!


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