[SOLVED] Using a variable to set the property variable to get an object returns undefined

If I used a variable to set the property to get an object returns me undefined but if I set the property with anything but a variable it works fine!

So if anyone is having a problem beware of this! is till works fine you would have to set the text of any block and then use that block text to set the property variable, Don’t be lazy like me :smile:

Does anyone happen the same?


Do you really mean “set” in your statement above? I ask because your example blocks are get blocks.


Nevertheless, I see the bug. Thanks for discovering this, @Daniel_Coglitore! We’ll get to work on fixing it.


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sorry for my bad english haha !
ok ! Thank you ! :raised_hands:

If you need to urgently work with an object, then instead of the app variable to which the object is assigned, use the variable created from the function block.


did that work for you ? it doesn’t return undefined? if I set the "get property variable within another variable directly it returns me undefined and apparently for Mark it happened the same since he told he found a bug :sweat_smile:

The error is that the object is simply not stored in the app variable (more precisely, an empty object is stored in which there are no properties). Does my example work for you?

For example the “refObject” variable is not the error I get, the error comes from “app name1” Apparently when using that directly It doesn’t work , I have to set the “app name1” to another text block and then use that text block to get the refObject , for me doesnt work I dont know for you =S

If you cannot jump over the hole, then try to get around it.

To work with objects on one screen, use relObject, and before go to another screen, convert this object to JSON and save it in the “app” variable.

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Hello Mark,
I’m having really bad times with objects and variables.
I’m trying to store object in a variable, and then change properties of an object according to other variables.
But it doesn’t work.
I’m trying to send an object to create Airtable Row, and if I do it straight (object created directly attached to AT block) it works, but if I first store object to variable, and then try to send it, it doesn’t work.
You already said that there is a bug, but it was last year. Is the bug still there?

To search for any errors and bugs, you need to display all the data on the screen…

Is it possible to store object into variable? Do you know?

OK - I found out - the variable stores the object, BUT
AIRTABLE Create Row block cannot send variable BEFORE IT GETS CONVERTED TO JSON AND BACK!!!Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 01.23.28

Strangely, it turns out that to transfer an object, you need to perform unnecessary operation. I haven’t checked this, but I know that sometimes you have to perform extra operations to make something work properly.