Using API to create Currency Converter

Check out this tutorial to see step-by-step how to make requests from the api with your own API key:

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I love APIs :star_struck:
(Found another interesting one :smile: )

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There was a question on this video about using Currency Layer - I haven’t used this service myself, but was wondering if anyone in the community had used this service before?

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I am close to the solution, just a simple question -

Do you just wan to use the converter or anything else?

Thanks! :blush:


I’m not sure - it’s not my question :joy: I’d imagine the converter is the best place to start. Why, what else do they have?

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Edit - I am going for the Converter :smile:

In the meantime, (to test my app) please sign-up there, and get your free key :slight_smile:

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ahh, yeah that makes sense.

I’d say live is the best one to start with.

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Okay, trying for live :smile:

@domhnallohanlon, Done :star_struck:

For live -

This should work, can you please test this for me?

Edit - Sorry, this won’t work, because we are on the free plan; it does not allow us to use HTTPS GET API :confused: (The code is right :smile: )

Aha…so can you see any way of getting data via a GET request? Or do you need to have a paid subscription to this API?

My above code is good for it :+1:

Yes :confused: (9$/month)

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