Need help parsing JSON response

I’m trying to parse a response from coingeckos free api (no api key). These are my blocks:

(ids value = bitcoin and the variable is the base url for api)

These are the paramters:

This is the JSON response (im using same id and vs_currency in my blocks):

The response I’m getting now is; {“bitcoin”:“usd”:29379}}

Can someone help me get just the number value, I’ve been trying and watching thunkable tutorials and can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

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can you share the whole response that you got from web api not from website and you have done the url part wrong in the second image top it shows what is the url for the api

The response I’m getting from web api now is {“bitcoin”:“usd”:29379}} (only partly parsed). The response from website is the entire JSON response for the same properties used in the blocks. I am also doing the URL correctly because I’m getting an accurate JSON response.

did you added the headers as mentioned in image 2

The response you shared shows that “bitcoin” is an object which has number of properties and one property is “usd” with a value of 29379.

In the screen there is another property “last_updated_at” with some value